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UMass Boston Beacon Awards

The Beacon Awards provides us the opportunity recognize the unique accomplishments and dedication of UMass Boston’s exemplary students.  Even with many other commitments in addition to their education, students manage to go beyond what is expected or required of them to participate in University activities, clubs, and organizations.  These students deserve recognition for their outstanding accomplishments, and this is your opportunity to give it to them.


Video Tutorial: How to find the GSA Money

Hi everyone,

As the GSA Treasurer, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how GSA handles its money. I am always proud to share information about our grants and other funding we give to support graduate students, but sometimes it is hard to remember everything. So, I have created a handy video tutorial that covers how to find the grants and other resources on our website.

The video goes over our most popular offerings, such as the PDG’s (Professional Development Grants) we give for attending conferences, as well as grants you may not have heard of before, such as the Research Funding Proposal.

Click here to see the movie, including the notes- which make finding what you need even easier.

Are there other tutorials you would like to see? Just leave us a comment below!

Warmest regards,


GSA Fall 2010: State of the Union overview

This is a brief summary of the accomplishments and tasks of the Executive Board. Each officer would be happy to expand on any of the items during office hours, or via email to



1)       Managed PDG applications and researched different solutions to summer disbursement

2)      Attended Open House events in the Fall

3)      Resolved problems that occurred from the previous year’s PDG disbursement/applications

4)      Updated filing system on computer and hard-copy files

5)      Purchased and set up refreshments for meetings


1)       Helped redesign the new website

2)      Managed RPA websites and contact

3)      Set up scheduling for events through Doodle

4)      Created marketing and logos for GSA events and website

5)      Coordinated activities with E-board members


1)       Attended meetings with Chancellor, Vice Provost, and Faculty Council

2)      Actively recruited new members to join GSA

3)      Planned and facilitated connections with RPA leaders

4)      Attended the Graduate Studies Showcase (Are you bringing cups/shirts/etc, btw?)

5)      Met with university staff to get carry forward released


1)       Helped redesign the new website

2)      Helped budget and organize the social events

3)      Attended Open House events in the Fall

4)      Managed RPA’s approval and budgets

5)      Managed the budget and financial records


GSA Budget Pie Chart

GSA Budget for 2010 – 2011 Academic Year

A graphical representation of the GSA Budget

This is the GSA Budget for the 2010 – 2011 academic year. The total budget for this year is $136,500. Grants, prizes, and programming make up a substantial portion of the budget, which is managed by the treasurer of the GSA. If you have specific questions about how the GSA manages its budget, we encourage you to send us an email or meet with us during office hours.

What Grad Students Think

What Issues Concern Graduate Students at UMB?

Here are some of the things we learned about us in our recent survey!

About 90% of grad students have heard of the GSA, but 73% have never attended a GSA event!

Most grad students want to see the GSA offer grants for research and conferences. Grads also want to see the GSA fund speaker events, job fairs, resume workshops, social gatherings, and community events.

Grad students are highly concerned about the high cost of tuition/fees, parking, and the T. Furthermore, grads would like to see improved facilities, a greener campus, more money for grad assistants, and better food!

About 60% of grad students are troubled that the the GSA cannot amend its Constitution without the administration’s approval.

About 57% of grad students think that grad students, and not the University, should be able to decide how much of their fees go toward the GSA’s budget.

Here is a very brief sampling of some of the very helpful comments we received:

“Send representatives to classes so people can get a true feel for what GSA is about.”

“I think you could attract more interest if you had a greater online presence. ”

“Come to department meetings for new students.”

“Make graduate students aware of what the GSA does for them.”

“Provide more opportunities to involve graduate students in student governance, including a greater level of transparency in the operation and roles of the GSA.”

“Give a mini presentation or send around a representative to each new incoming class to the various graduate schools.”

“Have a GSA member at any graduate orientations that are held.”

“The GSA needs to work more with the other clubs on campus.”

“Host more social events!”