Status of the GSA Graduate Student Satisfaction Survey.
Updates on GSA funding. 
Discuss plans for reviewing Spayne and Bollinger grant submissions.
Provide feedback on Executive Summary.
Discuss GoFundMe fundraising potential.
Delegate person for Faculty Council.
Discuss graduate student satisfaction survey questions.
Update on meeting with Graduate Studies.
Discuss potential referendum for Graduate Student’s MBTA discount.

Discuss PDG allocation for the remainder of the academic year.

Discuss the upcoming Grant Writing Workshop.
Discuss PDG allocation for remainder of the academic year. 
Discuss Graduate Student Satisfaction Survey. 
Offer suggestions of issues of graduate student success to be addressed during the upcoming meeting with the Office of Graduate Studies.
Joe Silcox will present on his Research Grant proposal.
Food funding for the GEO/GSA Fall Kickoff Social Event will be discussed.
Brainstorm questions to be directed to the northeastern college collective, the “Friendly 13”.

GSA President will provide an update on recent meetings with the Office of Graduate Studies and ask for feedback on ideas for moving forward with collaborative initiatives. 

GSA to announce the official opening of the Spayne & Bollinger Research Grant applications and upcoming Information Session.

Update on the GEO/GSA Fall Kickoff Social Event.

Discuss funding for RPAs. 
Vote on approval of 2019-2020 budget. 

Vote on RPA Activation requests for:

  1. Growing Women in Science
  2. Pan African Graduate Students Association
  3. Public Policy Doctoral Student Association
  4. Social Equity Forum

Open discussion on the role of IRB approval in research funding requests.

GEO/GSA Fall social event
Current status of PDGs
Update on the 2019-2020 GSA budget
Discuss the role of IRB approval in research funding requests
Decided on Bollinger’s applicants.
Vote on research funding proposals.
Vote on Spayne applications.

Vered proposal for event funding.
Discuss PDG rules for next year.
Discuss end of the semester event by GSA.
Discussed thoughts to present in the meeting with Barry Mills.

Discussion for end-of-year event.
Advertising GSA on all social media networks and keeping all mediums active and up-to-date.
Discuss who can attend the meeting with  Barry Mills on May 3rd at 9:30 and what are the common graduate students concerns that should be brought into notice.
Deogwoon Kim (Treasurer of Nursing Student Association-NSA) will be presenting event funding proposal with other NSA officials – (President and Vice President) at the meeting.
Discuss a possible PDG extension to early June.

Volunteer to help Gabe choose a graduate commencement speaker.

Discuss news from board of trustees meeting this week.
Collaboration with GEO for GA contract renegotiation.


Discuss late application for PDG from Sayantanee and Heya.

Decide whether to support USG regarding the concern of firing chancellor Motley.

Listen and suggest Victoria about a social media project on career services.


Discuss research funding proposal by Victoria.

Discussion about moving PDG’s to an all-electronic format next year.

The gist of two meetings attended by Vaibhav.
– Meeting with Beth Devonshire to revise to the Student Code of Conduct at UMass Boston.
– Meeting with Mayor’s Office, Boston regarding housing Graduate Students and Seniors.


Discuss two Research Funding Proposals presenting- Samuel Gable and Courtney Hess.
Drop off goods to UAccess and plan our next pick up/drop off.


Decide on new positions of GSA for the new Academic year 2017-2018.


Update on how many Shaw’s card funds we have and decide on how much we would like to donate to UAccess.

There is a complicated PDG Application pending – need to decide whether we want to approve or deny the application.

Discuss the summer PDG funding.


Decide on Spayne and Bollingers recipients.


Discussion about stress management workshop.

Discussion for the thought of increasing student activity fee from $105 to $125 for Graduate students.

Hear from Arushi about her meeting with the career services’s Director.

Discuss events to be planned for this month and the next month.

Decide on the appeal from the Society of graduate Archaeologists for their conference.


Discussion about Spayne/Bollingers- how many applications do we have and from which departments? Can we agree to schedule decisions so that I can reach out to faculty and get them on the committee?
Discussion about Plans for events this semester?
Talk about the structure of GSA for next year. How much will each position cost GSA, what are the essential duties of GSA, and how many people do we need to complete them?
The suggestion about representing GSA at student organisation meet and greet on February 7th, 2017.


Listen to all the candidates standing for the position of the Treasurer and making a decision to choose one of them to represent GSA.


More ideas regarding the event for this semester and next.
Commit to an event for this month, or decide not to have one.


Discussion about updating the professional development grant (PDG) write up for the Fall 2017 working.
What we have to do to hire a new GSA treasurer.
Discuss possible GSA events for the year.


Discuss whether Divya or Aarushi are interested in Shwetha’s position next semester.
Discussion about our options for hiring a new member next semester.
Discuss GSA budget for rest of the year given comments from Gail.
Discuss whether we can open up PDG’s to attendee-only applications again.


Discuss what we need to do to make decisions on Spayne/Bollinger applications so that we can open submissions and advertise them.
Plan for the Budget Committee’s Open Forum event on Nov 15th. We should have as many of us there as we can as well as reach out to graduate students impacted by the budget crisis.

To review following 4 RPA’s
~Student Affiliates School Psychology (SASP)
~Psychology Connections Committee
~Voices for Global Inclusion and Social Development
Gabe will review the outcomes of the meeting held on Monday regarding our tuition waivers and decide on whether we should lift the suspension of funding requests.
Sadie Cathcart from counseling and school psychology program will be presenting her research funding proposal.
Discuss little bit about GSA website and other social media sites.
Discussion about an email we received from Kaitlyn Webster.
An undergraduate student who has built an application for parking lots of our school will be joining us for the meeting. We can discuss and hear more solutions for increased parking fees.

Hear presentations from and vote on the two research funding requests.
Discuss updating social media accounts.
Sharing ideas about parking/shuttle bus funding for administration & finance.
Plan on attending and advertising the budget committee meeting.
Discuss a possible event that GSA can do this semester: GSA open forum on student grievances and needs.

Discuss about the Research Funding Grant.
Gabe would present all the budget scenarios that Chuck and he created which they would be using for negotiations with Student Affairs.
A student from College of Management Keerthy Chetty , would like us to grant her group RPA status. Her group is NAWMBA, the National Association of Women Masters in Business Administration.
Activate 3 more RPA’s that will sum up to total of 18 RPA’s

If a representative from the archeology department shows up, we must hear their argument for changing Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day and vote on whether GSA supports the initiative.

Gabe will update everyone on his latest meetings with administrators regarding non-academic GAs.

Vote on suspending GSA services and plan the actions that we will suggest students take to support us (sign petition/call administrators/join union protests). Also, we need to decide on the cut off date for spending requests and how we will reply to future requests.


Review initiative from Archeology Graduate Students to change Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day in UMB academic calendar (see attached document).

Check status of some overdue PDG reimbursements (Allison Fitch and Danielle Godon).

Update from Gabe on ongoing meetings regarding out tuition waivers

Discuss the possibility of placing a moratorium or freeze on all GSA services (PDG’s, Spayne/Bollinger, Research Grant, Event Funding) except RPA activations in order to put pressure on university administration to honor our tuition waivers instead of forcing us to take them out of the GSA budget.

Pending item 3, discuss what we will post on our website to explain the freeze and what action(s) GSA will suggest impacted students take to increase pressure on administration.

Activation of RPAs and request from club to change $100 of Charles cards to cash for their events.


Vote on pending RPA activations
Discuss and vote on changing initial RPA funding to cut GSA costs ($100 in “cash”/$100 Shaw’s Cards)
Discuss whether GSA officers are able and willing to use GSA funds to cover tuition waivers.

Purpose of GSA
Roles and duties of each officer
Discuss changes to GSA officer funding (and who we can complain to)
Discuss how these changes will affect our budget (and/or our roles/duties)

To vote for event funding request by Caitlyn Vozzella
To approve research funding proposal grant by Sylvia Guillory.

To discuss Budget.
To discuss about summer PDGs.

To select 2 members of GSA to be a part of Review Committee for Student Speaker Selection Process.
To approve research grants for Sylvia and Madeline.

To discuss event planning updates.
To Discuss and approve tentative budget for rest of fiscal year:
– Doubling maximum number of Spayne/Bollingers for Spring
– Extending PDG’s into June
– Subsidizing student trainings/workshops (up to $400 or $500)
– GSA merchandise (hoodies, mugs, notebooks)
– other initiatives to spend money.

Discuss how to distribute the GSA budget.
Discuss event planning, particularly the stress week lineup at the end of the semester.

Anthony Flynn from the QSU will talk to GSA about what he is trying to accomplish regarding transgender treatment on campus. GSA will vote on whether it supports his efforts, and discuss what it can do to help, if GSA decides to support him.

To discuss current status of planned GSA events.

To discuss recent developments with the GSA budget and plan how we can use our budget for the rest of the fiscal year.

To vote for Bollinger applications.
To discuss about elections for Vice President position.

To vote for Spayne applications.
To discuss about elections for Vice President position.

To vote for Spayne applications.
To discuss about the Fall event.

To discuss further details about Yoga event.
To vote on Spayne and Bollinger automation process.

Finalize the fall event of GSA.

Decide on a Fall event & come up with a range of days/times to offer to the instructor(s) of what we choose.
To discuss concerns about IT on campus to put them forward to Robert Weir, the head of IT services on campus next week.
To discuss automating September notifications regarding grants.

To decide which event GSA is doing- Yoga or Stress Management
To decide what time event will be held: evening or daytime
To decide few possible dates to give to the person(s) leading the event.
To discuss ways to automate the Spayne/Bollinger deadline process.

Come up with 2-3 names of speakers for the GSA event.
Make plan for budget of GSA.
Discuss more about gsa email.

Vote on Applied Linguistics Student Association as RPA
Discuss how to use carry-forward budget
Make plan to insure that the GSA email account is checked regularly
Discuss planning a GSA event for this semester

To discuss the spending plan for carry forward.
To vote for last 2 RPA’s.
Vote on RPAs – History Graduate Student Association and Council on International Relations
Discuss RPAs – Applied Linguistics

To discuss the exceptions for RPA’s.
Voting to activate additional RPA’s.
Discussion with Dr. Laura Hayman the vice-provost for research and graduate studies.

Discuss the starting budget
Vote for 12 RPA’s funding
To review officer duties
To establish office hours
Start discussion about GSA programming

Approved Event Funding Proposal-CSSA(RPA)
Meeting Treasurer and informing about the duties for Fall 2015 Updates GSA manuals with new responsibilities for different positions.

Planning to update GSA manual for Fall 2015

Approved Event Funding Proposal-Emily Defouw(on-phone)
Discussing and approving Spayne,Bollinger Grants

Discussion on Bollinger grant application request(in-mail)

Approved Event Funding Proposal-MinJin Kim(in-person)
Approved Event Funding Proposal- Tongui Zhang(in-person)

Discussing the points on the resume workshop for improving the performance of future workshops.
How to solve blast email problems
Planning for the advertising of GSA for next Fall 2015

Approved One Event Funding Proposals-Julie Neuspiel
Improve IT services for all Graduate students

To find the list of most used softwares and asking graduate students for voting for their use.

Approved PDG’s -Kendra Q Knauf(in-phone)
Approved Event Funding Proposal-Hiu mei Chow(in-person)
Advertising strategies and deciding the food budget for the Resume workshop.
Finalizing discussion on the role revisions and distributing the responsibilities among GSA members.

Discussing GSA officer positions tasks for future years.
Approved event budget request for Historical Graduate Student Association

Finalizing PDG’s policies
Approved Bollinger Funding on Young’s children’s emotion vocabulary and the potential influence。on emotion regulation ability
Approved Bollinger Funding on The Impacts Of Life Events on Depression Later Life in Older among Immigrants
Approved Bollinger Funding on Mental Health Beliefs nd Barriers to Behavioral Healthcare Utilization among Recently Returning Service Members.

Planning to setup resume/cv workshop.

Approved PDGs-Michael Berardino(in-person)
Approved PDGs-Sylivia Guillory(in-person)
Approved Research Funding-Madeline Brody(phone)
Approved Spayne Funding on Identifying Genetic Determinants
Approved Spayne Funding on Coping with Racism


Discussion on Budget and Workshop:
Total nos of PDGs approved

Planning for summer PDGs budget

Planning for next workshop.


Discussion on PDGs policies and showcasing workshops:
Change in PDGs policy for reimbursement.

Talking with different departments regarding conducting workshops
Approved PDGs-Amanda Green(Phone)
Approved PDGs-Lauren Wadsworth(Phone)
Approved PDGs-Anna Maria Sanchez(in-person)


Discussion on PDGs funding and Workshops:
Gathering information on PDGs and budget.

Planning for upcoming workshops and events.

Positions for Program Co-ordinators.


Discussion on Grants and GSA program committee:
Setting up the deadline for applying for grants within particular days and information.

Evaluating responsibilities

To use the PDGS for the welfare of University.


Discussion on PDG’S Budget:
What things to consider in a budget while reimbursing for events.

What we should do to improve to approve the PDGS for different events.

Setting all the conditions for PDGS with estimated cost.


Discussion regarding grand writing workshop performance
Regarding Funding Information:To confirm dates for Spayne and Bollinger fundings.

/Approved Research Funding- Guangwei Quin
Preparation for Grant Writing Workshop


Approved PDGS-Andrew Webster
Discussion regarding GEO UMB resolution
Enquiries regarding UHS contracts
Funding for College of Management Events


Information regarding the event.
Things to take care for future events.
Discussions Regarding Geo


Planning for the events advertising

Food Information

Assigning Duties for the event


Started Advertising for the workshop

Planning Food Budget for the workshop.

Approved PDGS-Corina Oala

Approved PDGS- Jay Scott Templin


Finalizing Workshop Schedules

Planning Advertising For the Workshop

Improve IT services for graduate students


Voting for both positions

Meeting with Ms.Lauren Haymen regarding workshop


Discussions Regarding Creating Workshop For Graduate Students

Elections for two positions:Vice-President and Treasurer


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