Bollinger Grant Winners

Spring 2019

Cristina Rodriguez-Quijada, Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology – Development of Rapid Diagnostic Tests for Emerging Outbreaks

Cara Herbitter, Clinical Psychology – Assessing mental health provider bias toward clients with understudied marginalized sexual identities and practices

Lyndsey McMahan, Global Governance and Human Security- NGO Decision Making and Program Effectiveness: Early Childhood Development Organizations in Rwanda


Fall 2018

Amanda Tokash-Peters, Environmental Biology – Mosquito Microbiomes: Understanding interactions of the environment, hosts, and pathogens

Akansha Vaswani, Counseling Psychology – A discourse analysis of psychiatrists’ accounts of helping patients discontinue antidepressant medication (ADM)

Natalie Arbid., Clinical Psychology – Preliminary Evaluation of a Culturally Adapted Stress Management Prevention Workshop for Latinx Students


Spring 2018

Meredith Maroney, Counseling and School Psychology – Exploring the efficacy of an online intervention to cope with experiences of heterosexism among LGBTQ-autistic individuals

Konstantinos Koutsioumpas, Social Inclusion and Social Development – Sport, urban youth, and social (in)justice: An exploration through a human rights lens

Alissa Gross, Clinical Psychology – Dismantling an intervention aimed at increasing white people’s knowledge and understanding of racial justice issues


Fall 2017

Kaitlin Gould, Counseling and School Psychology – Evaluating the Impact of a Combined Word Problem Solving Intervention on Elementary Students’ Mathematics and Social Emotional Skills 

Shannon Peters, Counseling and School Psychology, PhD – Medicalization in an Era of Neoliberalism: Rape Crisis Center Therapist Perspectives

Meaghan McKinnon, Chemistry – Tuning the Outer Coordination Sphere for Selective Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction 


Fall 2015

Sara A. Kaplan-Levi – Clinical Psychology

“Mothering Values of Black Student Mothers: A Grounded Theory Analysis”


Naia L. Wilson – Urban Education, Leadership, and Policy Studies

“Black Male Success in Mathematics: The Development of a Positive Mathematics Identity in Urban Schools”


Fanny Ng – Clinical Psychology

“Asian American Women Leaders’ Strategies for Negotiating Intersectional Discrimination Related to Sexism and Racism”



Spring 2015

Amanda Madden “The Role of Serotonin in Cell Type-Specific Sexual Differentiation”

Lucas Morgan ” Examining the Influence of Valued Living and Decentering on the Psychological Distress Associated With Social Disadvantage and the Problem Drinking that Such Distress May Cause”

Frances Martinez Pedraza “The Roles of Early Intervention Providers’ Cultural Competence and Parent-Provider Working Alliances in Parents’ Experiences of Service Utilization, Autism Screening, and Detection Practices”

*Please note, if you are a grant winner, you will need to wait between four and six weeks after the grant decision to receive your check.

If you have any specific concerns or questions about your award, you can contact the Bursar’s Office ( In some cases, the Bursar’s Office may subtract any outstanding debts from your award. Or they may hold the check at the Bursar’s Office instead of mailing it to the address on WISER.

Fall 2014

Sarah Krill Williston “Mental Health Beliefs and Barriers to Behavioral Healthcare Utilization Among Recently Returning Veterans at UMass Boston”

Mai See Yang ” The Impact of Life Events on Depression in Later Life in Older Hmong Immigrants”

Marisa O’Boyle “Young Children’s Emotional Vocabulary and Its Potential Influence on Emotion Regulation Abilities”

Fall 2012

Carolyn Arcand, Public Policy, “The Implications of a Proprietary School Education for Low-Income Single Mother Students: An Emerging Catch-22?”
Emily Parodi, Biology, “How Is Cell Shape Determined?”
Speshal Walker, Psychology, “Black Beauty, White Standards: Impacts on Black Women and Resources for Resistance and Resilience”

Spring 2012

Felicia Sullivan, Public Policy, “Engaging Youth: Linking Design and Implementation Choices of Out-of-School Time Programs in Boston to the Development of Political Engagement Attitudes in 14-18 Year Olds”
Sarah Gray, Clinical Psychology, “The Role of Parent Insight in Young Children’s Trauma Exposure: Testing a Relational Model of Risk and Resilience”
Nick Mian, Clinical Psychology, “Prevention of Anxiety in Young Children: Enhancing Parent Engagement in a High-Risk, Urban Sample”

Fall 2011

Jodie Freed Marcantoni, Nursing Practice, “Improving the post hospital care transition for Infectious Diseases patients: A quality improvement study using health literacy guidelines for patient education”

Susan Lambe, Clinical Psychology, “Ethnic-Racial Socialization within Interracial Families”

Jessica Graham, Clinical Psychology, “The Relationship Between The Experience of Racism and Anxiety Symptoms in a Black Sample: The Effects of a Brief Mindfulness Intervention”

Spring 2011

Adal Abebe, Biology

“Biochemical and molecular biological characterization of quinone isomerase –an essential enzyme required for insect cuticle sclerotization”

Devin Atallah, Clinical Psychology

“Palestinian Family Journeys for Survival, Growth, and Liberation”

Martine Wagstaff, Environmental Biology

“The evolution of invasive species in novel habitats of the Gulf of Maine”

Fall 2010

Christian Chan, Clinical Psychology

“Measuring Exposure in Natural Disaster: A Meta-analysis and a Multi-Wave Longitudinal Study”

Michael Treanor, Clinical Psychology

“The Impact of Mindfulness on Exposure and Extinction Processes in Social Anxiety Disorder”

Kathleen Sullivan, Clinical Psychology

“Difficulties with emotion regulation as a moderator between peritraumatic experiences of trauma and later dissociation”

Spring 2010

Luqin Sun, Environmental, Earth, and Ocean Sciences

“Water Rights Trading: A Case Study in the Yellow River Basin in China”

Anya Potter, Clinical Psychology

“The Ecology of Cognitive Training and Aging”

Vali Dagmar Kahn, Clinical Psychology

“The social negotiation of ambiguous in-between identities:  Investigating identity formation in multiracial and bisexual people”

Fall 2009

Kara Lustig, Clinical Psychology

“Sexual and Self-Objectification and Sexual Health Among Women”

Daejoon Alex Hwang, Computer Science

“The Dynamics of Top-Down and Bottom-Up Control of Visual Attention

during Search”

Lindsey West, Clinical Psychology

“Functioning in the face of racism and its uncertainties: The potential buffering effects of values clarification and values consistency in a Black American sample”

Spring 2009

Rebecca Moryl, Public Policy

“Alignment of Economic Development Goals and Policy: considering economic development goals, their expression and their execution in economically-struggling communities”

Patricia Lee, Clinical Psychology

“Coping with Traumatic Brain Injury through a Asian American Lens: Interrelationships among Asian Values, Coping Style, and Psychosocial Outcomes”

Michael Rollock, Clinical Psychology

“Couples’ Joint Activity and Relationship Quality:  Exploring the Comparative Effects of Joint Volunteer Work vs. Play”

Fall 2008

Jillian Bennett, Clinical Psychology

“The Impact of Family Resources on the Ability to Access and Receive Early Intensive Specialized Services for Children with Autism in Massachusetts”

Shannon Erisman, Clinical Psychology

“The Effects of a Brief Mindfulness Intervention on Positive Emotional Experience Among Psychosis-Prone Individuals”

Bowa Tucker, Higher Education

“Uncovering the Civic Dimensions of Service-Learning in Higher Education: A Multi-Case Study”

Spring 2008

Jonna Grimsby, Environmental Biology

“A Survey of the Genetic Diversity of Invasive Japanese Knotweed in the United States”

Vidya Suseela, Environmental Biology

“Linking the carbon cycle to climate change: Effects of warming and altered precipitation on organic matter decomposition”

Fall 2007

Elizabeth Mongillo, Clinical Psychology

“Pursuing College Education in the Context of Gender-Based Violence and Psychiatric Histories:  Women’s Lived Experiences of Resilience and Recovery”

Heidi Barrett-Model, Clinical Psychology

“Understanding Revictimization:  The Role of Emotion Suppression, Acceptance, and PTSD symptomatology in Risk Detection Abilities in Sexual Assault Survivors”

Jennifer Hamilton, Clinical Psychology

“Female Adolescents’ Negotiation of Social Messages about Sexuality in the Context of Perinatally Acquired HIV/AIDS”


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  1. Please note, if you are a grant winner, you will need to wait between four and six weeks after the grant decision to receive your check.

    If you have any specific concerns or questions about your award, you can contact the Bursar’s Office ( In some cases, the Bursar’s Office may subtract any outstanding debts from your award. Or they may hold the check at the Bursar’s Office instead of mailing it to the address on WISER.

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