2018-2019 Spayne Masters Student Grants

The Spring 2019 Spayne and Bollinger award cycle will open on February 3rd, 2019 and close on April 7th, 2019. Please attend our regular GSA meetings for more information.

Join us at our meeting on March 26th for an informational session regarding Spayne and Bollinger Grants. Learn more about the grants, the voting process, and have your questions answered! Applications close April 7th.

Dr. Robert W. Spayne Research Grant

The Dr. Robert W. Spayne Research Grant (for work leading to a Master’s thesis or Capstone project) is a competitive grant awarded to assist students in defraying research expenses. Historically, up to three grants are awarded each fall and spring semester by a committee of UMass graduate students, faculty and staff.  This year, GSA will award 3 grants per semester. Each grant may be up to $1500.

Grant applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Significance – The extent to which the proposed dissertation research will make an original and important contribution to the field of inquiry it addresses.
  • Approach – The extent to which the conceptual framework, design, methodology, procedure, and data analyses are clearly presented and appropriate for the proposed research.
  • Budget and cost-effectiveness – The extent to which the funding requested is adequate and appropriate to the research objectives and activities.
  • Did the applicant adhere to application instructions (page limits, required attachments, etc.)?




Log in to the SA Groups website at https://umb.campuslabs.com/engage/. (Directions on how to log in are available here: https://gsaumb.wordpress.com/graduate-student-resources/sa-groups-how-to). Once you are logged in, click on “Organizations” and search for/click on the Graduate Student Assembly.  From the Graduate Student Assembly home page, click on “Forms” and then select the Spayne application form.  Detailed application instructions are included with the online forms.  All application forms must be completed and submitted online.  Please contact gsassembly@umb.edu with any questions.


8 thoughts on “2018-2019 Spayne Masters Student Grants”

  1. Hello,
    I am glad to have the opportunity to apply for DR. ROBERT W. SPAYNE RESEARCH GRANT. I have filled the application form. I really look forward to deliver the best of my abilities and knowledge to fulfill the aim of the grant.

    I would be more than happy if I get selected to prove my actions

    Karna Desai

  2. Hi Karna,

    Thanks for submitting your application! The committees will be meeting next month to decide which applications will receive the grants. We will announce the winners soon thereafter, so please keep checking our website 🙂

    Best regards,

  3. We’re currently processing applications, and the committee will be meeting on Monday, December 13th. We’ll let you all know the status of the awards as soon as we can!

    GSA Treasurer

  4. I am wondering if the whole application needs to be in times new roman 12, or if the resume can be an exception to that rule.



    1. Thanks for your comment. To be consistent, we ask that all application materials meet the space and font requirements in the application instructions.

      If you’re concerned that your resume will be too long with these specifications, you may want to consider highlighting the experiences you’ve had that can provide us a snapshot of who you are. 🙂

    1. Hello Laura,

      Sorry for the delay in answering. This is our first day back in office for the new year. We will be deciding on the deadlines for Spayne and Bollinger applications at our first meeting on Tuesday, September 13.


      -Joe Sarkisian-

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