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PhD student documents untold Taiwan history

On November 20, 2018, Nina Kunimoto, a first-year doctoral student in Urban Education, Leadership and Policy was awarded Research Funding Grant by GSA. Her research project, entitled “Reclaiming the Voices of the 2.28 Incident”, proposes to document the stories of people who were alive right after World War II and participated in the 2.28 Incident in Taiwan, also known as “white horror”, an uprising against the Nationalist Kuomintang Party who fled from mainland China after their defeat in 1947. Nina’s grand-uncle, Dr. Parris Chang, was the Taiwanese ambassador to Japan in 2008 and taught at the University of Pennsylvania for over ten years and in the Soviet Union. Nina proposes to use her family connections to document the perspectives and histories of the survivors. She plans to publicize her findings through research papers, podcast, and other multimedia outlets.


PhD Student Presents on Kenyan Health Policy
On March 17, Esther Kamau, a student in our PhD program, presented the ePoster “Realizing the Human Right to Health: The Impact of SDG Target 3.8 on Universal Health Coverage in Kenya.” Kamau made her presentation at the Annual Conference of the Consortium of Universities for Global Health, held in New York City.
The presentation was based primarily on interviews Kamau carried out in Kenya in January 2018 with key leaders in government and nongovernmental organizations working on health policy and planning. She is working on the research project with Assistant Professor Gillian MacNaughton.
“Our research examines the impact of global development goals on local policy and planning priorities in Kenya,” said Kamau, who is Kenyan and has studied here in the US and in South Africa. “We’re focusing on the impact of one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals on the national and local plans for implementation of the constitutional right to health in Kenya.”
PhD student Esther Kamau presents her research in New York City. 

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