Frequently Asked Questions: PDG Grant

For steps to apply for Professional Development Grant (PDG) and submit your receipts, please refer to PDG Grant page. On the current page you can find the answer to some of our students’ frequently asked questions regarding the PDG:

Do I qualify for PDG?

PDG grant applications are approved on a first-come, first-served basis. You are probably qualified if you fulfill all 5 requirements as follows:

1) you are a graduate student pursuing a non-online degree at UMass Boston

2) you are traveling to present or attend a conference

3) you have not received a PDG grant in the current academic year

4) your conference has certain peer-reviewed content and is not a workshop

5) you submit the PDG application at least 28 days before your travel.

Can I apply for PDG any time?

Not exactly. PDG application and receipts submission is subject to two time frames:

1) PDG application must be submitted at least 28 days before conference travel date. Therefore, if your conference occurs on November 1 to November 4 and you are leaving on October 29, you must apply by October 1.

2)  Receipts for PDG grant must be submitted within 28 days upon return AND before the deadline specified on the PDG webpage (usually late May), whichever comes first. In the above example, if you return on November 4, you must submit your receipts by December 4. Late submissions will not be honored.

How do I know if I get the PDG grant?

You will receive an email notification (it could appear in your spam folder as from UMBeInvolved  In addition, you can log in UMBeInvolved to see your application status.

What do I need to do to get reimbursed?

Three things:

1) PDG approval from GSA prior to your travel.

2) Copies of receipts showing that you personally paid for your expenses.

3) Submit the copies of receipts to within 28 days of return from the conference (and before the annual deadline) with a PDG Receipt Summary Form. Please also state which expenses are covered by your other funding sources. If it is impossible for you to submit your receipts within 28 days of return, please email GSA advisor for an extension. If you have neither submitted the receipts or obtained an extension by the deadline, your grant will be allocated to the next pending application at GSA’s discretion.

Can I submit my receipts before the conference?

No. Your receipts must be submitted between the day of your return from the conference and 28 days after your return.

In what format should my receipts be?

Receipts can be in digital copies (screenshots or pictures) or photocopies. We do not require original copies.

Where can I find the reimbursed payment?

If you are a graduate student with a graduate assistantship, the payment may be deposited into your direct deposit account within 4 to 6 weeks (may appear as an increased amount of your regular payment). If you do not have a direct deposit account with UMass Boston, the payment will be deposited into your student WISER finance account.

What if my question is not listed here?

The best way to reach us is through email Or you can drop by our office in Campus Center 3404.01 – 3404.02 during our semester office hours. Follow us on Facebook and join our email list. We will keep you updated on our funding opportunities!

**For any and all questions regarding Graduate Student Assembly (GSA), please email us at or our advisor Charles Henriques at .



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