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Research Funding Grant applications are back online!

The research funding application form is used for students that wish to receive funding for research that does not otherwise fit the categories of the Spayne Grant, Bollinger Grant, and Professional Development Grant. This grant is up to $500. A faculty member will need to participate in the application process. This funding is not intended to cover projects that are eligible for other GSA grants. Additionally, the Research Funding Grant cannot be used to pay oneself for hours worked. Please follow the directions for this application carefully.

The Research Funding Grant application must be submitted during the academic year. Applications are reviewed in the order they are received.

To apply, follow the link below, then sign in with your UMB credentials:

Reminder: All grants count as income, and as such are subject to state and local tax, as appropriate. Applicants are responsible for contacting Financial Aid and Bursar’s if they need any additional information on how grants will affect their finances.


7 thoughts on “Research Funding Grant”

  1. Can I apply for this grant for dissertation research for which I have not defended my proposal yet? By not having defended my proposal I am not eligible for the Bollinger grant and yet I have to travel for field research this winter for which I would need funding.

    1. Thanks for your question, Ghazal! It sounds like the Research Funding Proposal would be a great fit for you. This grant is open to all graduate students who are ineligible for the Spayne and Bollinger awards. If this project eventually leads to a dissertation, that’s great; however, this should not be used for research in which you have already defended your proposal. You sound like a great candidate for this award. We look forward to receiving your application today.

  2. I have a question regarding research grants. I am currently working on a thesis (regarding Childhood Obesity) and want to submit it to a conference for a poster session, however the College of Management will not be able to cover the funds required for this conference. Will the GSA be able to cover these funds through a grant? If so, which grant should I apply for? Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Hi Andre,

    Thanks for your question! It sounds like you’re looking for our PDG- which is a grant specifically for conferences and other workshops that support professional development.

    PS> I’ve made a handy tutorial video that goes over all our grants so that everyone can see all the grant programs we offer- check it our from our tutorial page here -

  4. I am looking for funding to complete my proposal for my Master’s thesis. I need to travel to the National Archives. I also would like to interview someone for m y project in another state. Is this an appropriate grant to apply for? What is the turn around time? Thanks.

    1. Yes Janine, this would be the correct grant to apply to. Turn around time can be anywhere between 3-6 weeks, so we recommend applying well in advance.

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