Graduate Clubs (RPAs)

Graduate Clubs

(Recognized Professional Associations)

The Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) sponsors graduate student clubs called Recognized Professional Associations (RPAs) to enrich the quality of graduate education and life at UMass Boston. RPAs receive a fixed amount of funding per year plus additional funding subject to approval. All RPAs are open to all graduate students.

ANNOUNCEMENT – 9/18/2017

RPAs are no longer limited to professional or academic associations. GSA will now be accepting applications for social associations as well.

2019-2020 RPAs

The following RPAs are active for the 2019-2020 academic year:

Organization Names:

American Studies Roundtable

Clinical Graduate Student Association

Graduate Exercise and Health

Graduate Sociology Student Association

School Counseling Student Association

School for the Environment Association of Students

School Psychology Club

Society Equity Forum

Society of Graduate Archaeologists

International Nursing Student Association

For more information about any of these RPAs or to join them, please see

The following RPAs are currently inactive but are available to be reactivated:

Organization Names:

  1. Accounting and Finance Academy
  2. Applied Linguistics Student Association
  3. Beacons for Social Justice Club
  4. Biology Graduate Student Club
  5. CCT Forum
  6. Computer Science Graduate Student Association
  7. Conflict Resolution Student Council (Graduate)
  8. Council on International Relations
  9. Cricket Club
  10. English Graduate Student Professionalization Committee
  11. Entrepreneurship Club
  12. FUSE
  13. Gender Working Group
  14. Global Governance and Human Security Cohort Conversations
  15. Graduate Business Association
  16. Graduate Chemistry Club
  17. Graduate Exercise and Health Sciences Club
  18. Graduate Indian Student Association
  19. Graduate Instructional Design Association
  20. Graduate Sociology Student Association
  21. History Graduate Student Association
  22. Neuroscience Graduate Student Association
  23. New England Scientists and Teachers for Sustainability
  24. No Lost Generation Student Initiative-University of Massachusetts Boston
  25. Organizational Social Change
  26. Pacific Asian American Students and Studies Association in Graduate Education
  27. Psychology Connections Committee
  28. Society for the Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science – Graduate Club
  29. Student Affiliates School Psychology
  30. Student Ambassador Council
  31. The American Studies Roundtable
  32. Toastmasters Club
  33. Voices for Global Inclusion and Social Development

Starting a RPA

If you are interested in starting a RPA please visit and complete the application by the semester deadline. Failure to comply with this deadline will result in not being activated for the requested semester.

The RPA President, Treasurer, and Event Planner must complete an in-person training.  The training provides an overview of all paperwork necessary to operate your RPA. See the “Club Training” below for details and instructions.

The GSA will only consider activating an RPA if both a completed application was received prior to the deadline and the president and treasurer have completed the mandatory in-person training.

Once the RPA has fulfilled the application and training requirements, the GSA full membership votes to approve or deny the RPA application. GSA may also recommend you connect with students from other RPA’s. If the RPA is approved, a small amount of funding will be placed into the RPA account.

Reactivating a RPA

Club Training

Club Training is now going to be an in-person training that needs to be completed by the club president, treasurer and event planner and will last 1 ½ hours.  This new training will include club information and also event planner training. To sign up for a training please visit the event sections of UMBeInvolved (, log into the site and click on the training that you would like to attend and RSVP (the trainings are listed as 2018-2019 Club Training). If you do not see any trainings list, click “load more” on the bottom of the page. Trainings will be taking place on February 26th-February 28th.

To reactivate, you must do the following:

    1. The President, Treasurer and Event Planner must attend and in-person training by Friday, February 28th, 2019 to remain active. (the event planner can be the president, treasurer or a different person).  All positions need not attend the same training.
    2. Each club roster must be updated on UMBeInvolved ( reflect a minimum of 10 active, current graduate students (for RPAs).
    3. You must read and disseminate the Massachusetts Hazing Policy (contained in club training) to all club members who must read and be familiar with the policy

Budgets for Graduate Clubs

All graduate clubs will receive funds (up to $200) from the GSA once the RPA (re)activates.

Club and Locker Space for Graduate Clubs

If your organization is looking to have club or locker space, then please click here for the form or contact GSA staff advisor Space is limited.


The Student Organization Resource Collective or SORCe is the place to find information and tools to help you run your student organization efficiently. We’ll be hosting leadership development workshops throughout the semester and you’ll find leadership resources, a monthly newsletter, and more on UMBeInvolved. Stay tuned for more information!


Shelby J. Harris, PhD         Associate Dean of Students

Charles Henriques              Assistant Director

Sean Thompson                  Director, New Student & Family Programs

Alisha Leu                            Program Coordinator

Bethany Tuller                    Program Coordinator

Amanda West                    Administrative Coordinator

Office of Student Activities

The Office of Student Activities Staff is available to help you with event planning and advising.  For basic club questions (printing, reservations, UMBeInvolved) you can stop by the Student Activities Front Counter during normal business hours. In addition, there will be Open Office Hours Monday-Thursday during the semester.  You can stop by to sit with a staff member and talk about events, budgets, or other club questions.

Open Office Hours (Student Activities Suite, Campus Center 3400), please check in at the front desk

Tuesday –10:00am-4:00pm

Wednesday –10:00am-3:00pm

Thursday – 10:00am-4:00pm

Poster Printing

If you are looking to print posters to advertise for your event, send the file (PDF preferred) via e-mail to the Student Activities Front Desk ( with the order details (e.g. number of copies, sizes, etc.) and the date you would need the materials by. Please allow up to 7 business days for the order to be printed.

Additional Info

For more information, please contact the Graduate Student Assembly at 617-287-7975 or via email at or


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