Event Funding Proposals

Submissions for Event Funding Proposals are not taken after May 10 and only funds events up to the end of the semester

The GSA sponsors several events throughout the year in cooperation with organizations that support graduate students as well as graduate student clubs. This includes small events as well as large campus-hosted conferences. Are you interested in applying for financial support for your event?

The GSA can provide funding for food, honorariums for speakers, campus event security expenses, and other event-related costs.  In order to receive funding, a planned event must be open to all graduate students.

If you would like to apply for funding for an event, please do so well ahead of time!  The GSA will give priority to funding proposals that are made at least 30 days prior to the event.  Planning ahead gives us time to schedule the proposal to be heard at a meeting and voted on, and ensures that allocated funds can be transferred to your group with time to spare before the event.

To apply for funding, log in to the SA Groups website (http://www.clubs.umb.edu).  (Directions on how to log in are available here .)  Once you are logged in, click on “Organizations”, and search for/click on the Graduate Student Assembly.  From the Graduate Student Assembly home page, click on “Forms” and then select the “Event Funding Proposal” form.  This form must be completed and submitted online.

Once you have submitted your proposal, you will receive a confirmation email.  Please forward your confirmation email to gsassembly@umb.edu, so that we can set up a time for you to present your proposal to the GSA at an upcoming meeting.

Please keep in mind that events (especially those that are large) should always be planned in conjunction with your faculty advisor. The university may require public safety officers be present, an expense you may want to include in your event funding proposal.  Checking with your advisor will help your event run more smoothly.  For information on planning events in the Campus Center, please click here.

Please contact the GSA with questions about event funding proposals.


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  1. Are you stumped on how to begin? There are a few questions we typically want to know about your event:

    How many attendees do you expect will be graduate students?
    How many graduate students do you estimate will be from different departments?
    How will you advertise for this event?
    How will our sponsorship help support your mission, as well as that of the GSA?
    What other sources of funding have you applied for?

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