Funding Proposal Application Process

Funding Proposal Application Process:

  1. Funding proposals are accepted throughout the year.
  2. Funding proposals are for events and programming.
  3. The applicant can request any amount of money.  The GSA follows specific guidelines for funding that are on the 2nd page of the application.
  4. The applicant(s) must be a graduate student and the event must be for open for all graduate students and not just a particular program or undergraduates.
  5. The funding proposal must be presented by the applicant(s) at a GSA meeting, the application will not be voted on unless an applicant(s) is there to present the information and answer questions.
  6. The applicant(s) must have access to a university account-the GSA can only transfer funds to other campus accounts. (ie: RPA accounts, department accounts, office accounts, etc.)
  7. Every funding proposal that is submitted will be added to the next available GSA meeting agenda.
  8. At the GSA meeting, someone must be there to speak on behalf of the funding proposal.
  9. The applicant(s) will have a few minutes to present their proposal.
  10. Then the present GSA body will have a chance to ask questions about the proposal and the budget.
  11. After the questions have ended, the applicant(s) will be asked to leave the room for a few minutes.
  12. At this time the GSA body will discuss the proposal, if they want to fund it, and how much of it to fund.
  13. Any member must make an official motion.
  14. The president will ask the floor for a second to the motion.
  15. If there is a second to the motion, the president will ask for all those in favor to say “Aye”
  16. Then the president will ask for all those opposed to say “Nay.”
  17. If those in favor are more than those opposed, the motioned is passed.
  18. The applicant(s) are invited back into the room.
  19. The GSA (or appropriate supervisor) will fill out the first half of an IAT form and send it to the applicant for them to fill out the 2nd half of it.
  20. Once both parties have filled it out, the GSA will make 2 copies (one for the GSA and one for the applicant) and send the original to Diane Murphy in the Student Activities and Leadership Office for processing.



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  1. Dear Shrestha,
    Thank you for contacting us. GSA is dedicated to support the whole graduate student body of UMass Boston in its academic endeavor. We will be happy to receive your application for any of our grants or research proposals according to their specific guidelines, procedures, and deadlines. Please send an email to GSA:, if you have any more questions.


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